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The Great Imitator

This documentary play was created by and for the Lyme community. Our mission is to build community, mobilize advocacy, and fundraise for treatment grants. We envision a world where all Lyme patients and stakeholders feel seen and heard, and have access to the support they need. [learn more]

Plus, a new project!

A new podcast.

Life is a never-ending series of transitions – new beginnings, endings, and celebrations. So this is our space to chat about the “messy middle.”

Earlier this year, I started to experience new levels of health and mental clarity after Lyme. I was PUMPED. And then, I caught myself struggling with the transition. I felt nervous and awkward, like a fearful little fish out of water. Turns out, this is normal during a growth process. It’s supposed to challenge you.

Change is a fact of life. Sometimes we choose it; sometimes it happens to us. What makes all the difference is how we lead ourselves. <3

Here to remind you: you are never alone. We are reclaiming our power to design our lives.

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